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BOTOX® and Fillers

Treating Beauty and Discomfort in Marysville, OH

Each of the dentists at our dental practice has a particular area of additional experience and training. For Dr. Theresa Losey, this area is the application of injectable facial fillers, such as Juvederm®, and BOTOX®. These treatments have both cosmetic applications and therapeutic ones. Guster Losey & Mack DDS Inc are proud to provide BOTOX® and facial fillers to the people of Marysville, Plain City, Richwood, Bellefontaine, and the surrounding communities.

Enhancing our Patients’ Beauty

Many of the facial fillers Dr. Losey provides to our patients are used to help improve their appearance, helping our patients meet an ideal they hold for themselves. Juvederm® and other brands help fulfill this process.

These injectable fillers come in several varieties and help enhance the aesthetics of different facial areas. Our Marysville dentist has fillers for the lips to help them become fuller. She can offer a filler for cheeks to encourage the appearance of youth; to further create a younger appearance, Dr. Losey also offers fillers and BOTOX® for wrinkles.

Increasing Your Comfort

Some of the patients we see experience headaches and bruxism on a regular basis. Bruxism is the consistent grinding of teeth, particularly during sleep, and can also cause clenching of the jaw. The potential causes for bruxism vary, from stress and focusing habits to abnormal jaw alignments and a response to earache, but the effect is roughly the same. The muscles affecting jaw movement cause the teeth to grind together. Similarly, headaches can be caused by tension in the muscles of the head and neck, including the muscles which control your jaw. If you have been diagnosed as having bruxism and muscle-caused headaches, Dr. Losey can assist you through BOTOX® injections.

While BOTOX® is most well-known for its cosmetic applications, it can also protect your oral health from bruxism and your overall well-being from continuous headaches. BOTOX® works by forcing the muscles it is injected near to relax. This relaxation effect is not only why wrinkles smooth out when BOTOX is used, but it also prevents the muscles which cause the headaches or bruxism from creating tension or moving the jaw, respectively.

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Dr. Losey of Guster Losey & Mack DDS Inc has helped many of her patients, both cosmetically and therapeutically, by providing facial fillers and BOTOX®. We provide these services throughout the Columbus Metropolitan area, particularly near Marysville, Plain City, Richwood, and Bellefontaine. If you would like to learn more, or if you need a dentist who can also help you look younger and experience less headaches, contact our office today!

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